route7 Consulting Inc. has created custom solutions built from commercial off-the-shelf products based on unique form factor and design requirements in specific government mission areas.

route7’s  Government Solutions’ vision for government IT is to focus on how technology interacts with market forces to achieve business value based on technical solutions. Collaborative solution development and prebuilt/pretested solutions will deliver innovation and assure the successful integration of supplier solutions with embedded technologies.

The following solutions are available for our government and commercial customers

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The cloud can be a powerful tool.  Many organizations are building their business process around the capabilities of their technology platform. As always, any push towards a new infrastructure will require planning, and a good use-case analysis. In the case of cloud computing, running a cloud readiness assessment can prevent issues in the future. Our Assessment enables a customer to better understand their current capabilities and what the optimal type of infrastructure would be. Ultimately, this helps align their IT capabilities directly with the goals of their organization.

NextGen Data Center Assessment

Data centers are evolving toward architectures in which networks, computer systems, and storage devices act in unison. To achieve this, data centers need an end-to-end architecture that is efficient, adaptable, and scalable.  As IT organizations migrate from fragmented, older data centers to more cost-effective and agile ones, they must first develop a sound architecture that can serve as the foundation for their evolution to a next-generation data center.

The route7 Data Center Architecture Assessment Service helps our customers identify the gaps in their existing data center infrastructure and create an architectural plan that can help increase the efficiency and adaptability of the data center. This assessment uses best practices and proven methodologies to address the elements that contribute to inefficiency in the data center and help plan for data center transformation

Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Assessment

Disaster Recovery is the process, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster. Continuity of Operations (COOP) ensures maximum application and server availability and resilience.  The goals of the route7 DR/COOP assessment are to arrive at an efficient COOP solution that is resilient to failure, using best of breed technology and industry standard best practices.

Enterprise Management Assessment

The route7 Enterprise Management Assessment reviews the enterprise IT management infrastructure in terms of industry standard management best practices such as True Multi-Vendor Support, Integrated Management of Virtual Networks & Cloud Resources, Automation, Communication etc.  Prior to beginning the assessment activities, route7 develops a thorough understanding of the business/mission goals and objectives of the customer, and how the managed IT infrastructure supports such objectives.  This helps us determine the level of management that needs to be performed on the IT infrastructure in the various areas of management such as Fault, Configuration, Performance, Security and Accounting, to compare against the current state and determine the gaps. Remediation recommendations are developed and presented in the form of a roadmap, addressing gaps in the order of their impact.

NextGen Network Assessment

The route7 Network Assessment plays an essential role in planning for new network implementations or troubleshooting existing ones. Not having an accurate picture of a network’s capabilities and issues can pose serious problems that could complicate, even undermine, a planned implementation and current employee productivity. Organizations plagued by network issues can also greatly benefit from a network assessment. Testing and analyzing all areas of network performance will uncover underlying causes for each issue.  This assessment enables you to understand the key components of a wired and wireless network strategy, and to develop a gap analysis and remediation recommendations for the campus-wide network and its security.

Wireless Assessment

The route7 Wireless Assessment / Survey is geared towards developing a Wireless Access Point Installation plan that will provide secure ubiquitous coverage throughout the customer environment.  This assessment takes into consideration, the requirements of the customer from the wireless infrastructure such as data coverage, data / voice coverage and data / voice / Location Services coverage, and presents as deliverable, a detailed blueprint for the implementation including channel information and cabling diagrams.

VoIP Assessment

The goal of the route7 VoIP Assessment is to assess the customer’s existing telephony infrastructure, and the network infrastructure, and develop, for implementation, an IP Telephony solution that can provide Voice, Video and Data in one ubiquitous, secure IP network.  This Assessment delivers findings for an IP Telephony solution to meet the needs of the customer and provides the basis to develop an IP Telephony Architecture and Detailed design.  It transforms customer’s business goals, technology growth plans and requirements findings into a concise IP Telephony strategy that defines the required functions, performance, features and scalability.

Security Assessment

The route7 Cyber Security Assessment Service provides a point-in-time validation of how well security architecture and designs have
been implemented and how well they are operating. It includes a detailed review of wired and wireless networks, security devices, servers, desktops, web applications, and the related IT infrastructure, comparing discovered vulnerabilities with industry best practices and up-to- date intelligence from the industry.

VDI Healthcheck Asessment

The route7 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Health Check Service delivers a best practice assessment of a customer’s existing VMware Horizon™ View™ deployment. This health-check provides insights into their View environment and their VMware vSphere® infrastructure. By applying industry standard and VMware best practices, the health-check enables the customer to optimize their View environment for performance, scaling, and manageability.  The VDI Health Check Service is ideal for customers who are looking to upgrade or expand a current production View deployment, validate a View environment in preparation for an audit or a review, or perform a proactive, diagnostic Health Check to maintain a highly optimized and top-performing View environment by identifying configuration changes to improve performance or address operational challenges.

VMware ESXi Healthcheck

While many organizations start off with a robust design when they initially implement vSphere in their data center, on-going activities performed during day-to-day operations, and troubleshooting exercises introduce changes to the environment that cause them to deviate from the original design.  The route7 vSphere ESXi health-check assessment reviews a customer’s vSphere implementation in relation to VMware and industry standard best practices, and the organization’s goals and objectives, and recommend remediation activities that need to be performed to ensure optimal and efficient performance of the virtualization infrastructure.

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