Program Management

program managment

route7 Consulting offers project management services and 
has established a proven track record for effectively managed many organizations’ project management control systems and building a solid foundation for the successful management of a project. Our technical and project management experts are experienced and dedicated to the success of our customers and to the quality of the solutions they provide. 

Our project management capabilities include extensive expertise defining project management system specifications, developing processes, developing and managing complex schedules, budget planning and forecasting, and implementing earned value management.
Our professionals will compliment your team to provide the following services:

  • Pipeline and Demand Management – what’s coming in, and how do you meet the demand
  • Resource Management and Capacity Planning – who’s going to do the work?
  • Financial Management – can we afford it, and if not, what do we change?
  • Risk Management – at the end of the day, it’s all about reducing risk.
  • Project Management – without execution, we all fail.
  • Change Management – it’s inevitable, it’s everywhere, it impacts everything
  • Portfolio Analytics – what every executive and PMO wants, now

How we do it…..

route7 Consulting uses a simplistic approach and methodology backed by years of experience to work closely with your organization’s management team to create processes and plans specific to your project that are clear, and most importantly executable. Our experience are proficient in all our service offerings and commonly used within a project management control systems environment so we can quickly step in and take the ball forward. One of our goals in working with you is to empower your team so the project will continue to be successful. We recognize that our success is measured by the success of our clients even after we have performed our role.